“Life is just the steps we take”

Patricia Mejía RostroPatricia was the kind of girl for whom transforming her first communion gown into one of her sister’s marriage dress or making a jumpsuit out of her brother’s pants was a daily routine.


Creation and transformation processes were natural for her and after receiving her degree in fashion design aligned her innate knowledge and inspiration under the tutorship of fashion professors John Miranda and William Cruz.


In 1992 CERVATO was born to delight the Colombian market and quickly became an icon women shoe brand.


She decided to take a three month sabbatical to immerse herself into the world of  forms and colors hand on hand with one of her dearest friend and mentor Paco Aguado, a renowned spanish modelist with whom she strolled across european streets living in first hand a detailed, thorough, meticulous and interpretative field journey, feeling, touching, sensing the dynamics and following the steps of the history timeless fashion icons.


Soon came Binario, an irreverent and unlimited creativity brand to shod smart and determined women. By 2012, she delighted the world reinventing herself with her homonymous brand in company of her two daughters Mariangel and Maria Belen, a solid brand that represents heritage, experience and more than 25 years of shoe craftsmanship and design making her a shoe icon DESIGNER in Colombia.


Patricia Mejia designs from experience, dreams and imagination that reflects her soul in every shoe. White paper draft designs and thousand different patterns to transform materials, shoe forms and designs become timeless collections.

Hand made

Leather, glue and time become experience in our workshop, movements and trazes are felt through history’s best machine… the hands, the most valuable and irreplaceable of all.


In our cutting table…


Patricia Mejia´s dreams are born; experience all those years among Colombia´s shoe artisans creates a synergy between designer and cutter, able to recreate art pieces that leave a mark on those that wear the pieces categorized art.